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California Penny Post Cover Census

The type 3 franks were
first issued on July 11, 1855. All are inscribed "TO THE PENNY POST" in hollow letters at top. There are several variant text imprints known. Subtypes as follows:

A. Paid 5  on non-government covers
B. Paid 5 on 3c postal stationery
C. Paid 7 on non-government covers
D. Paid 7 on 3c postal stationery
E. Collect Penny-Postage on non-government cover
F. Ocean Penny Postage Paid 5 on non-government cover

Type 3A - Paid 5 on non-government covers


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#301, Oct 22 1855, Lunenburg, Massachusetts to William Haskell at San Francisco, to the mails postmark and manuscript "Paid 10" rate

#302, Nov 8, 1855 Stockton to G. O. Whitney at San Francisco, four copies 3 tied by either postmarks and/or Penny Post Stockton handstamps

#303, Mar 1, 1856, Saint Louis, Missouri used Henry Coad in San Francisco, 10c green and 3c dull red adhesives tied, "Papers Feb 23 1856" in pencil at left

#304, April 19, 1856 Stockton to C.F. Taylor at San Francisco, 5 type III printed frank, 3 adhesive by mail from Stockton to San Francisco carried from Penny Post Company box at post office to California Street address by Penny Post

#305, Wells Fargo Sacramento red ovals, one tying 3 adhesive, addressed to Miss Crowell in San Francisco (image from Apr 2, 1960 Kelleher auction, lot #93) Probably fake - see same correspondence below #309 (has a bad PF cert)

#306, to Mr Belloc at San Francisco, 3 adhesive with manuscript cancel (possibly fake address, Sam Paige auction 1960)

#307, to William Haskell at San Francisco, 3 adhesive with manuscript cancel

(PF cert states stamp did not originate, which may be correct)

Type 3B - Paid 5 on 3c postal stationery

#308, Wells Fargo Sacramento red oval handstamp struck twice and "Paid" oval used to Mrs. Hodgson at San Francisco, manuscript "Deliver to Penny Post Co" at bottom left, a genuine use by WFC, ex Chapman

#309, (Out of the mails use) one cover in two states: apparently genuine use (originally) addressed to E. Crowell & Co. at San Francisco, top image from Sloane photo while in Lichtenstein collection before the Wells Fargo Sacramento handstamps were fraudulently added, lower image when offered by John Fox at auction (Jan 25, 1956, lot #506)

fake (and has a PF stating fake)

#310, (Pacific Express posthumous use) cover in two states: California Penny Post cover addressed to J.R. Lewis at San Francisco, top image before the pencil "Pacific Express" was removed (photo from Sloane while in Lichtenstein collection), lower image when offered by Bruce Gimelson at auction after pencil directives cleaned off (Sep 26, 1967, lot #106 - later appeared in Siegel sale of Clifford collection)


Type 3C - Paid 7 on non-government covers


#311, Jul 6, 1855 San Jose to R & N Moore at San Francisco

#312, Oct 19, 1855 San Jose to Thomas Dillon at San Francisco


#313, Oct 25, 1855 San Jose postmark, four copies of 3c Red to E. S. Mulford  at San Francisco,


#314, Nov 7, 1855 San Francisco Penny Post handstamp on cover addressed to Daniel Murphy in San Francisco, answered notation with date


#315, San Francisco postmark, 3c red used to Henrietta Thomas at Stockton


#316, Camptonville postmark, two copies of 3c Red to James Gorham at San Francisco, stamp applied over denomination


#317,  Penny Post Sacramento handstamp tying 3c red to S. W. Collins at San Francisco,


#318,  Stockton used with 3c Red to Sarah Pellet at San Francisco, Penny Post San Francisco handstamp


#319,  Pacific Express San Francisco use of Penny Post cover, uncanceled 3c stamp, addressed to Dodge (?)


Type 3D - Paid 7 on
3c postal stationery

#320, Oct 1, 1855, Benicia to Miss Reynolds at San Francisco, manuscript note at side explains delay

#321, Oct 2?, 1855, Benicia to San Francisco, manuscript note at top: "This came to Stockton by not having San Francisco on it - this is the cause of delay"

#322, Oct 30, 1855, Knight's Ferry to Samuel Dwinelle at San Francisco

#323, Nov 6, 1855, Mokelumne Hill postmark and "Paid 3" to Sullivan in San Francisco, "From Guthrie's Newspaper & Periodical Depot, Mokelumne Hill, Cal" oval on reverse

#324, Nov 12, 1855, Mokelumne Hill to Evening Journal at  San Francisco,

#325, Feb 18, 1856, Mission San Jose to Hayes Chamberlin at Morgan Hathaway & Co in San Francisco

#326, Feb 19, 1856, Benicia to H. G. Finch in San Francisco, note on back: "Rec'd at the P.O. about 20 minutes to 4 Oclock O.M. at the D.E.F. B.H. box, H.D. Loomis"

#327, Mar 27, 1856, Benicia to J. H. Moore Co,  in San Francisco

#328, Apr 4, 1856, Sacramento City to Hull & Lehmann at San Francisco

#329, Mission San Jose manuscript postmark at left to Peabody in San Francisco, black oval "Paid" handstamp (Costales 1951 auction)

#330, Wells Fargo Express Steamboat handstamp used to C. B. Phelps at Stockton

#331, May 12, 1856, Benicia to J. R. Lewis in San Francisco, blue frank

manuscript evidence mark at left (?)

#332, May 13, 1856, Sacramento City to Whiting & Co in San Francisco, blue frank

manuscript evidence mark at left (?)

#333, Jun 2, 1856 Oroville straight line postmark, ms June 2 date used to A. Fonda at San Francisco

#334, Wells Fargo Sacramento red ovals on blue frank entire to Mark Sheldon in San Francisco, ex Knapp

#335, Penny Post Sacramento handstamp, to Sarah Pellet in San Francisco, ex Ward sale of West (1943)

Type 3E Collect Penny-Postage


#336, Feb 26, 1856, Marysville to Sempronia Rudolph in San Francisco, docketing on reverse: "See C. F. Taylor & Co., recd the 27th Feb. of H.L.G., H. D. Loomis, See letter for Taylor"


Type 3F Paid 5 Ocean Penny Postage


#337, Penny Post San Francisco handstamp on "Ocean Penny Postage" imprint cover. It is missing a 10 cent stamp at top left which would have correctly made up the 15 cent rate to Canada. Consistent with usage via Nicaragua, the cover entered the mails in New York City for transmission to Canada.


Type 3 (A or B) Unused (faked)


#X338, Essay address added out of period,

#X338A, Essay address added out of period and stamp added, manuscript "No 7" at lower left, this is likely Goodwin's notation (has clean PF certificate)

#X339, Essay, address added out of period, stamp added, the underlying unused envelope possibly a printer's sample ("No 9").


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