Philamercury Digital Rendezvous 2018 (PDR2018)

Best In Show - Daniel Ryterband, exhibit #33

Thank you to all participants!

In a continuing effort to promote philatelic exhibiting, I am pleased to announce a one frame (16 pages) online philatelic competition - Philamercury Digital Rendezvous  (PDR2018). Exhibits may be submitted starting on September 1st.

The deadline for exhibit submission is end of day October 1, 2018. No rules as to content, open to all, no exhibit fees. A single Grand Award will be determined by vote of fellow exhibitors (no voting rules or guidelines, let common sense dictate your vote). Additional sponsor's award(s) of merit may be distributed if warranted. Submission format guidelines here. Voting will end on October 7th and winners will be announced the next day. In the event of a tie vote, the earliest exhibit to reach the high vote count will be the winner.

Grand Award will be a 1oz St Gaudens gold eagle

Past PDRs -The ninety-six entries as well as the palmares for PDR2016 are linked from the index page here. The fifty entries as well as the palmares for PDR2017 are linked from the index page here.


 PDR 2018 Grand Award (date is 2013 though)

A listing of exhibits follows (first time exhibitors listed in red):



Exhibit Title (with link)

#1 Handelman, David Money & registered letters between Canada & the US to 1898
#2 Coffey, Richard The End of the Thurn and Taxis Post
#3 Taylor, Lavar The U.S. - German Postal Treaty rate of 1909-1915
#4 Vora, Ravi Postal History of CSA Department of State
#5 Hanselmann, Charles The Allure of Confederate Postal History
#6 Oregon Stamp Soc., Group Entry Dead Countries
#7 John Barwis Victoria's England-Bound Mail 1855-1857
#8 Barry Jablon 1869 3˘ Pictorial: People and Events
#9 Richard Drews Trans-Oceanic and Domestic Uses of the 30 Cent U.S. Issues of 1861-1868
#10 Bob Rufe “Special” Booklet Paper Printings of 1928
#11 UNPI United Nations Philatelists Inc.
#12 Handelman, David (2) A potted postal history of pre-Confederation Price Edward Island
#13 Gutman, Mike Solo use of the 13c 1919 Apple Green
#14 Matta, Richard Business (Boring) Reply Mail
#15 Markovits, Bob United States 90˘ Stationery
#16 Markovits, Bob United States 30˘ Stationery
#17 Markovits, Bob (#536) The One Cent Issue of August 15, 1919
#18 Adams, Fran Eskimo
#19 Stach, Ken (1) The Express Companies of Frank D. Everts
#20 Adams, Fran Sinclair
#21 Knowles, Dan Mail Handling During the Prelude to the American Civil War
#22 Stach, Ken (2) Western Express Companies
#23 Stach, Ken (3) Cheyenne & Black Hills Stage & Express Co.
#24 Mingee, Rick Faster, Faster! Reducing Time for Transcontinental Mail Delivery, 1843-1869
#25 Barany, Don

"Artistic License" 19th Century American Postal Folk Art

#26 Alexander, Cliff Carriers and Locals Delivered Diverse Magazines, Reports & Pamphlets
#27 New, David Western Express Routes
#28 Frajola, Richard Implementation of Universal Postal Union Colors. (an aborted project)
#29 Wells, Jerry United States Post Office Department Operations in the Seceded States – Dec. 20, 1860 to May 31, 1861
#30 Schreiber, Michael To the Moon: United States Astronauts on Stamps on Registered Publicity Covers of the Trucial Emirates
#31 Izyurov, Valeriy Royal Mail Horizon Labels: The Great Source of Modern Postal History
#32 Adams, Fran (3) Cancellation Devices of the International Institute of Agriculture
Rome, Italy - 1906-1946
#33 Ryterband, Dan The American Civil War: Adversity Uses
#34 Lux, D.A. Around the World in Purple
#35 Purington, Guy RFD Mail Boxes - The Early Years
#36 Ruecker, Sheryll The (owl) and the (pussy-cat) by (Edward) Lear
#37 Shawah, David External Mails of Thailand: 1939 to 1942
#38 Grassi, Armando Vignettes of the Crimean War
#39 Baum, Robert The Black Jack
#40 Edholm, Carol Cancellations of India's Madras Postal Circle Experimental Post Offices: 1900's - 1971
#41 Snow, David The 1890 4˘ Small American Bank Note Stamp: A Study of Usages
#42 Ruecker, Sheryll (2) Scavenger Hunt
#43 Ruecker, Sheryll (3) The 1893 French Military Franchaise Essays of the New Hebrides

Richard Frajola (Oct 3, 2018)