Philamercury Digital Rendezvous 2017 (PDR2017)

In a continuing effort to promote philatelic exhibiting, I am pleased to announce a one frame (16 pages) online philatelic competition - Philamercury Digital Rendezvous  (PDR2017). The ninety-six entries as well as the palmares for PDR2016 are linked from the index page here.

The deadline for exhibit submission is end of day October 1, 2017. No rules as to content, open to all, no exhibit fees and with awards by vote of fellow exhibitors. Awards to be determined. Submission guidelines here. Voting will end on October 7th and winners will be announced. In the event of tie votes, the earliest exhibit to reach the highest vote count will be the winner.

Awards will be a 2016 gold Mercury dime.

 Three to be awarded:
 1.) Best in Show

2.) Best in Show (to a first time one frame exhibitor)
3.) Most Enjoyable 


And the winners are:
palmares PDF here

Best In Show - Dan Knowles, exhibit #19

Best in Show, First Time Exhibitor - Kent Gray, exhibit #13

Most Enjoyable - Rob Faux, exhibit #11

Sponsor's Special Prize of Merit - Chip Gliedman, exhibit #31


A listing of exhibits follows (first time exhibitors listed in red):



Exhibit Title (with link)

#1 John Wynns Peru's 12 Centavos Issue of 1905
#2 Barry Jablon 3˘ 1869 Pictorial: Combination and Mixed Use
#3 Steve Walske Pre-Contract Overland Routes into the American West: 1832 to 1851
#4 Ken Stach Clarke’s Centennial Express to the Black Hills
#5 David New Mississippi River Forts and Towns
#6 Gregory Shoults Washington & Franklin Coils
#7 Rick Mingee The San Francisco Post Office is Born
#8 John Wynns Wings Over The Bahamas
#9 Johannes Bornmann Nepal: The One Anna Recut Frame Variety (1901-1907)
#10 Julian Jones Treatment of Newspapers and Prices Current between USA and GB 1849 - 1875
#11 Rob Faux Genuinely Farming
#12 Leo Martyn Nepal: Transitional Period
#13 Kent Gray Taxation in the Land of Enchantment
#14 Paul L. Morton Bobby Fischer Remembered
#15 Genady Berman Post in Crimea During Transitional Period, March - October 2014
#16 Glenn Morgan (1) Harrison Dummy Stamps of King George V
#17 Glenn Morgan (2) The Development of British Postage Printed on Site
#18 Glenn Morgan (3) British Philatelic Automation
#19 Dan Knowles Confederate Mail Transmission Across the Union Lines During the American Civil War
#20 David Savadge A Selection of Desirable Postal History from
Expositions and World's Fairs
#21 Alexios Papadopoulos British Letter Mail to Constantinople by French Packet, 1837 - 1875
#22 David Handelman Early Canadian AR Service
#23 Gregory Shoults (2) The Production of Washington & Franklin 3rd Bureau Rotary Press Coils 1914-1922
#24 Richard Frajola Nepal: The First Period Printings
#25 Richard Frajola (2) Guy Cook's Dakota
#26 Richard Coffey The Riddle of the Hindenburg Medallions
#27 Gregory Shoults (3) Washington & Franklin Rotary Press Coil Waste, 1919-1922
#28 Ken Lawrence Wake Island in World War II
#29 Lavar Taylor Postal History of German Colonies and Post Offices Abroad (..etc..)
#30 John Wilson Pan American Airways LATI substitute service 1942
#31 Chip Gliedman Special Mail Routes of Rupert’s Land and The Red River Valley
#32 Matt Liebson World War I savings Stamp and Liberty Bond Auxiliary Markings
#33 David Handelman (2) Canadian Postage due registered mail
#34 Fran Adams Organizing Peace
#35 Nick Kirke Benjamin Franklin - the globe trotting 'First American'
#36 David Snow Austria and Lombardy Venetia 1850 First Issue
#37 Gregory Shoults
(not for competition)
"Coil Stamps" Issues of 1912  & 1914
#38 Eric Glohr 1847-1848: A Transitional Period for Michigan's Capital City
#39 Fran Adams (2) The United Nations and Palestine : 1947-1951
#40 Sheryll Ruecker The Homestead Act, Seen Through Letters From Eastern Oregon 1905–1908
#41 Sheryll Ruecker (2) The 1893 French Military Franchise Essays of the New Hebrides - a closer look
#42 Sheryll Ruecker (3) Bringing Christianity to the Cannibals
Missionaries of the Islands of the New Hebrides
#43 Cliff Alexander Invalid Postage Uses in the United States
#44 Russ Ryle The Early Days of Valuable U.S. Mail
#45 Guy Purington Registration in the Early Years of the United States Rural Free Delivery Service
#46 Fran Adams (3) The Oceanographic Institute, Monaco
#47 David Snow (2) American Letter Mail Company: Study of its Operations
#48 Matt Liebson (2) Ohio City
#49 Andrew Reid The January 5, 1847 and February 4, 1847 Sailings of Cunard Liner from Liverpool
#50 Richard Frajola Philatelic Legacy of the Tontine Coffee House, New York

Richard Frajola (Oct 8, 2017)