The Postage Stamps of Nepal, A Catalog of the Classic Issues, 1881-1930


The Postage Stamps of Nepal
A Catalog of the Classic Issues, 1881 - 1930

by Richard Frajola and Dr. Frank Vignola



Table of Contents

Preface. (Preface)

Chapter One. Nepal Stamp Catalog: Introduction, Method of Cataloging, The Post Office Period (1881 to 1907), The Telegraphic Period (1917 to 1930), Settings by Denomination and Positional Varieties by Denomination

Chapter Two. Valuation Guides: Stamps, Stamps on Cover

Chapter Three. Postal History to 1907 Overview: Postal Rates, Postmark Dating, Postmarks, Cancels

Appendix One. Forgeries, Fakes & Curiosities

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Settings by Denomination
(table of links to images of sheets and multiples)

Richard Frajola Collection
(pdf files), Part One (1881 to 1907), Part Two (1917 to 1930)

Dr. Frank Vignola Collection (pdf file here)

Leo Martyn Collection (pdf file here) a portion of his Nepal Classic Issue Postal History and Telegraphic History collection


Richard Frajola (Jan 2019)