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1862 Issue
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1863-1867 Issues
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1863-1867 Issues
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The postal rates in effect during the regular period of usage for this issue were (per one-half ounce):

1d. Antigua rate 
1d. printed matter rate
4d. Inter-Colonial rate
1s packet rate to Great Britain
1d. printed matter rate


One Penny Covers

ant63cvrF.jpg (32276 bytes)

1d. lilac-rose strip of four and single used on cover to Wilmot, Nova Scotia
4d Inter-Colonial rate plus 1d. Antigua rate
1 July 1864 "Antigua A" origin backstamp, barred A02 cancels
13 July 1864 Annapolis, Nova Scotia transit backstamp, 14 July arrival backstamp

ant63cvrC.jpg (13688 bytes)

1d. dull-rose strip and single used on cover, via Saint Thomas, to Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
4d Inter-Colonial rate
12 December 1864 "English Harbor Antigua" origin backstamp, barred A18 cancels
15 December 1864 St Thomas transit backstamp, 2 January 1865 arrival backstamp

ant63cvrB.jpg (11781 bytes)

1d. vermilion on printed circular, via Saint Thomas, to Annapolis, Nova Scotia
11 August 1868 red "Antigua A" origin postmark, barred A02 cancel
12 August 1868 Thomas transit backstamp
2 September 1868 Halifax transit backstamp, Annapolis arrival backstamp

1d. vermilion used on complete issue of "The Antigua Observer" from St. Johns to London, England
20 March 1868 
barred numeral A02 cancel

Six Pence Covers

ant63cvrA.jpg (12148 bytes)

6d. green pair paying 1s packet rate on entire from St. Johns to Liverpool, England
11 November 1865, black "Antigua A" origin backstamp, barred AO2 cancels
25 November 1865 London paid arrival

ant63cvrE.jpg (28350 bytes)

6d. yellow-green strip of four paying double 1s packet rate to Liverpool, England
second stamp from left is position 26, the Morton Evans re-entry
27 July 1871 black "Antigua B" origin backstamp, barred AO2 cancels
12 August 1871 London paid arrival

Combination Cover

ant63cvrG.jpg (30230 bytes)

1d. vermilion, four copies, used with 6d. yellow green on mourning cover to Holmworth, Nova Scotia
double 4d Inter-Colonial plus 1d. Antigua rate
26 May 1871 "Antigua B" origin backstamp, barred A02 cancels
29 May St. Thomas transit backstamp

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