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Third Period Issues, 1898 - 1907

The 1898 to 1907 printings are classified as a separate group because the print quality had deteriorated significantly by this date and the stamps are generally quite blurred. The thin native paper is of very poor quality except for a very brief period in 1901 when the one anna stamps were printed on high quality white European wove paper.

Because of continuous use of the same cliches combined with poor cleaning of the printing forms, it became necessary to recut some of the cliches of the one anna. This began with the recutting of the frames on position 24 cliche before the printing of setting 19. In 1901, setting 26, the frames of all 64 positions on the sheet were recut. At the same time white wove European paper was briefly used creating the rarities of the one anna issues. Native paper soon replaced the high quality imported paper and both the print and paper quality deteriorated further until the end of the postal issue period in 1907. The 1898 to 1907 printings also include the addition of a new one-half anna denomination in a new design. The stamp intended was for use on official mail between Sawari (royal) camp and Kathmandu.

Please note that Scott's catalog conflates stamps of the third period with stamps of the telegraphic period, excepting the European Paper 1 anna stamps.

Stock #2099, one-half anna, setting 4 (1905-1906), unused tete-beche pair, positions 57-58, tone spot at top, ex Hellrigl

(Scott catalog #12a, value incl. more common later issues, $225.)

Price $150.

Stock #2100, one anna bluish green, setting 23 (1900), used tete-beche pair, positions 23-24, position 23 inverted, before position 24 was recut, ex Singer and illustrated in his book on page 65

(Scott catalog #13c, value incl. more common later issues, $250.)

Price $250.

Stock #2102, one anna blue on European Wove paper, full margins, tied to portion of June 1904 cover by Banke initial in bars cancel, Kathmandu arrival postmark, ex Gupta

(Scott catalog #23b, cat. value $1,000.)

Price $250.


Stock #2106, 1898-1907, large balance group of 105 used 1 anna stamps, the PDF file of the group is here, the items with specific positions noted are almost all from H.S. Gupta plating (which can not always be relied upon), it includes two stamps that Gupta exhibited as European wove paper but I do not think they are, all bear postal cancels rather than telegraphic cancels, includes numerous shades and recuts, many are not in very good condition

Price $500

Stock #2103, four annas green, two unused blocks of four in different colors, setting 10 and setting 11, very fine

(Scott catalog #17, catalog value $560+)

Price $200.

Stock #2104, four annas green, unused block of ten, setting 11, first state, ex Hellrigl

(Scott catalog #17, catalog value $700+)

Price $400.

Stock #2105, mounted shade study of four annas green, unused singles (10), pairs (2) and blocks (4) intact as received on two pages from Sanford collection (only first page shown at left), PDF file here

(Scott catalog #17, catalog value $2,100+)

Price $450.

Richard Frajola (January 2017)